4 Good Reasons why you should enter the German Market

4 Good Reasons why you should enter the German Market

There are several benefits to localizing your board game from English into German. Four of those are:

1. Increased sales through a larger market

By localizing your board game into German, you can reach a much larger audience who may not be fluent in English. This can lead to increased sales and a broader reach for your game.

2. Competitive advantage

Localizing your board game into German can give you a competitive advantage over other games that have not been translated. German players may be more likely to choose your game over a similar game that is only available in English.

3. Increased player engagement

Players tend to engage more with games that are available in their native language. By localizing your game into German, you can increase player engagement and provide a more enjoyable experience for German players.

4. Cultural relevance

Games that are localized into a specific language and culture tend to resonate more with the local audience. By taking the time to translate your game into German, you can ensure that the content and themes of your game are relevant and relatable to German players.

Localizing your board game from English into German can lead to increased sales, a broader reach, a competitive advantage, and increased player engagement – a worthwhile investment that can help your game succeed in the German market.

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