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Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

Probably the most epic storyline written for a board game. German app content coming soon

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Brass: Birmingham

BGG's currently ranked #1 board game was fine-tuned by us

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Cascadia: Landmarks

Expansion to 2022's Game of the Year, Cascadia, translated for KOSMOS by Ludiversal

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BGG Insight

5 of the BGG Top 75 board games are Ludiversal collaborations

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Luckily, we are the gaming translation experts...

...on a mission to make your board, tabletop or RPG game irresistible in German.

With 12+ years of language industry experience and over 200 big and small games localized, we’re perfectly positioned to help you make your next move on the German market.

200 +
games localized
award-winning games
3000 +
pages translated

Work in progress

Current projects Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

Current projects Heroes of Might & Magic 3

Heroes of Might & Magic 3

Current projects Sword & Sorcery: Myths of the Arena

Sword & Sorcery: Myths of the Arena

Current projects Cascadia Landmarks

Cascadia Landmarks

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Ensure your manual meets the latest standards and resonates with German-speaking audience. At the same time.

We work with specialized linguists, but also with excellent (and super helpful!) graphic designers and subtitlers or VO artists, to fully localise your game’s graphic and audiovisual content.

If you really want to engage and win the hearts of your German gamers – speak to them in their own language.

Gamers are a special bunch – we like things done right. Avoid in-game hiccups and misunderstandings by ensuring all your materials are spotless and correct.

Wondering who can help you spread the word about your new, German release? Us! Draw on our network of publishers and distributors to proceed to the next level of your game release journey.


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“From now on, we will always work with you when it comes to rulebooks. You guys nailed it!

Stefan, Founder
Godot Games
Ludiversal Rules

The Golden Rules of Ludiversal:

Our localization experts are qualified translators, editors and graphic designers with a love for board games. We genuinely get excited about your project and 100% commit to its success!
With 12+ years’ experience in the language industry and 5+ years’ experience in the gaming industry, we have already localized over 200+ games from tiny to epic and we want more! You can rely on us for all relevant terminology, style and lingo.
Throughout the years, we have contributed to 8 award-winning 8 award-winning gamers’ delights, including Brass: Birmingham, Clank!, Clans of Caledonia, and Kanban EV. We follow the industry awards and news closely (the word “passion” comes to mind…), and we will aim to enhance your gamers’ experience every step of the play.
We can take care of your DTP files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), to help you reduce your DTP costs, and ensure quality and beautiful finishing along the way.
We work with smart and intuitive CAT tools and build your very own, reusable, translation memory (TM), so you can rely on us for text-heavy games and game series – consistency is key!

They like to work with us:

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“Michael’s team has been a big help for us – both helping with German translations and proofreading of our Dized app content. They are very professional in all they do and extremely easy to work with.”

Tomi, COO
Playmore Games & Dized
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“Mike and his team were an invaluable asset with working on both the English and German rulebooks of Clans of Caledonia. They know the board game jargon and how rulebooks are written. And they are thorough and a lot of fun to work with.”

Juma, Founder
Karma Games

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