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Ludiversal Core Team

Michael Zoltan Csorba

Growing up with two brothers and three languages, I have been playing board games as far back as I can remember. I was studying International Technical Communication, English and French, and evaluated the linguistic quality of the PC hit Warcraft 3 in my diploma thesis. 

Before founding Spieletexter in 2018 and going international with Ludiversal Translations in 2022, I was working in the language industry for over 10 years, developing and selling translation software. My team and I have probably played over 1,000 games, both digital and tabletop, and localized 200+ games with a total of 2+ million words for the German market.

When I am not working on games, I am either painting minis, trying to correct my losing record against my two kids, or complaining about the shuffler in MTG Arena. GG!

Robert Csorba

Hi, I am Robert. I grew up with lots of music and even more crayons. Decades later, both components still play an important role for me. The former as an indispensable hobby, the latter as a profession – in the meantime replaced (or supplemented) by a laptop with graphics tablet. 

As a certified media designer, I have been creating, designing, and illustrating print and digital media, not only for board games, for more than 12 years and also discovered digital painting for myself.

Over time, other leading roles entered my life, such as my fiancée and our daughter. And while my hair is slowly losing its color, many other colorful tones shimmer even more vibrantly on my screen.


All Ludiversal members are experts in their field and either hold a degree in Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Philology, Graphic Design, Game Theory, or have a ton of expertise, and/or both. Apart from that, we are all seasoned gamers, for obvious reasons 😉


memoQ translator pro 9, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Tools, Discord

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