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You are presented with multiple opportunities to introduce your game to a new, German-speaking audience. You’ve been waiting for it for quite a while and are excited to get started but… unsure how to proceed and how much time, energy and resources it will take.

The Ludiversal Translations team is known for their bespoke approach to each game and designing their process especially for you. We will be able to advise on the best course of action, depending on your business destination.

We can help you choose your next move wisely through:

Professional Game Translation

We translate your board game, tabletop game, adventure book, or RPG game from English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Czech or Hungarian into flawless German that players can enjoy when learning and playing.

Rulebook Editing

We can edit or rewrite existing manuals, so they meet the requirements for the German-speaking market.

Asset Localization

Forgot the safety note? There’s embedded text in the logo? No problem: Our Graphic Designers can adapt images, logos, and layout in case your game needs the full treatment. Our subtitlers and voice talents can adapt your videos for the German audience.


Need additional copy? We can write texts for game components, crowdfunding pages and even entire rulebooks.


Need to verify a translation done by a third party? Need to run a final check before sending the files for printing? We’re glad to help!


So, the German language files for your game are ready and you need to spread the word? We can help you connect with German publishers and distributors covering the DACH region and make your game available in the Dized app.



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“From now on, we will always work with you when it comes to rulebooks. You guys nailed it!

Stefan, Founder
Godot Games
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“Working with Michael was a great experience. He worked on the creation process of German names for our Scratch Wars heroes. I really appreciated his creative mind thanks to which he enriched the whole project, as well as analytical thinking he applied during the iteration process. Our cooperation was very smooth and I will be very happy to work with him on a similar project again.”

Michaela, Project Lead
Notre Game
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“Mike and his team were an invaluable asset with working on both the English and German rulebooks of Clans of Caledonia. They know the board game jargon and how rulebooks are written. And they are thorough and a lot of fun to work with.”

Juma, Founder
Karma Games

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Have questions?

Sure, many of those who play your game speak English and can play the English version, but they would be much happier playing it in their native language! It also makes it more accessible to those who don’t speak English.
Germany is one of the global key markets for the hobby industry, including board games, tabletop games, kids and educational games, toys, and puzzles. If you want to reach this audience properly, you need to have your games localized so the players (and their parents) feel they were created for them. Ludiversal Translations’ localization services are tailored to board gaming companies.

Translation projects can be quite complex considering all the different assets that need to be adapted to the new language: rulebooks, manuals, guides, cards, tokens, promotional website, Kickstarter campaign page… you name it. We know how to use the right tools to ensure both cost efficiency and translation quality: a CAT tool (computer-aided translation tool) with integrated client-specific and reusable TMs (translation memories) and term bases help us keep the cost of game localization down and ensure that the translated content of your game is linguistically consistent and correct – starting with the first project and increasing with each following one.

Our CAT tool offers two kinds of quality assurance: One module automatically checks for machine-detectable errors during and after translation. The other one categorizes errors and provides recommendations and statistics for the translators and reviewers working on a project.

Ludiversal Translations was founded with the aim to provide the board gaming industry with the best possible German version of an original game. Our team consists of language experts and creative professionals with a passion for games and a deep understanding of the German players’ needs. Not only do we create the German translations, we can take care of the whole package including editing, DTP and layout, delivering ready-to-print files.

Ludiversal Translations Localization consists of German Localization Expert and Founder Michael Csorba, his brothers Robert (Graphic Designer) and Thomas (Spanish Translator), and their network of a dozen board game Translators and Editors sharing a common passion: Multiplying awesome gaming experience.

If you already have a deal with a German publisher: Congratulations, and well done! The larger the company, the higher the chance they have their own in-house translators. However, if you want us to take care of the German translation, we will gladly team up with your publisher and cooperate in the creative process.

That’s correct. “Localization” means adapting a product to the needs of a certain market. It mainly refers to its regional linguistic, technical and legal adaptation. Localization does not necessarily cover anything that goes beyond getting all the assets in a specific language ready for printing. This seems to be a more or less common misunderstanding in the tabletop industry, and in others as well.

But no worries: if you decide to go with us not only for the translation part, we are happy to get you in touch with German publishers covering the DACH region who then take over the marketing and sales part of the publication process. We are well connected with German publishers big and small and the German crowdfunding platform Spieleschmiede.

Yes, absolutely! Having your rulebook available in more languages at an early stage of your live campaign does not only attract more backers from different countries and boost your pre-orders. More backers and a successful campaign also attract potential licensing partners for your game happy to take care of the retail version.

Also, a German licensor will always be happy to read the rules in their own language. And it will give you some additional leverage when it comes to negotiating other aspects of a potential deal. So, having an early German version of your rulebook is always a plus and does not conflict with your plan of finding a German publisher – quite the contrary!

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