Breaking down Game Localization and Board Game Translation Costs

Breaking down Game Localization and Board Game Translation Costs

If you are seeking a prompt answer regarding the costs of game localization and board game translation, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with an estimation of the expenses involved in translating your board game. 

It is important to note that the final cost can vary based on factors such as word count, the languages you intend to translate your game into, and whether you prefer to receive ready-to-print DTP (“desktop publishing”) files.

Three Sample Estimates

  • Light party game or kids’ game (1,000 words): EUR 150 to 200
  • Medium-weight family game (2,000-4,000 words): EUR 300 to 750
  • Complex experts’ game (15,000+ words): EUR 2,000+

If you would like to know the price ranges for other word counts, check out our Cost Calculator

The Cost Breakdown

Translation and localization are intricate processes that require skilled professionals. Unfortunately, in the board gaming industry, translations are sometimes seen as a burden rather than an investment, despite their significance. To shed light on the expenses and provide transparency, let us delve into the breakdown of costs and where your investment goes:

  1. Translation: The lion´s share of the cost goes to the translators themselves. It is only fair, considering the substantial amount of work they put in. We think, this is straightforward and easy to understand.
  2. Proofreading/Proof-Editing: At Ludiversal, we ensure that your rules and game components undergo a thorough proofreading process. A separate proofreader compares the original text (referred to as the “source text”) with the translated version (“target text”). Going through each sentence, they meticulously check for typos, grammatical errors, missing words, and maintain consistent terminology and style. Usually, the proofreader earns around 30-50% of what the translator receives.
  3. Project Management: The project manager plays a vital role in the localization process. They prepare the source files, making them compatible with our professional translation software memoQ. This involves extracting the text from the source files and transferring it to an editable format, typically a bilingual translation table in Word or Excel containing all the language pairs for your project. Your original PDF files provide an additional visual aid and support the translators during the localization process.
    Additionally, the project manager coordinates the translation teams, ensuring they meet target dates. And they are also troubleshooters, addressing any questions or issues that arise and clarifying them with the publisher. Usually, the proofreader earns around 20-40% of what the translator receives.

Investment in Quality

When you choose to work with us, you are not simply paying for a translation: You are investing in the wealth of experience our translation teams possess. We have spent years familiarizing ourselves with specialized CAT tools (“computer aided translation” software) and the board game lingo, delving through hundreds of rulebooks, and acquiring linguistic degrees in translation, computational linguistics, or graphic design.

Our clients trust us, and we reciprocate that trust by continuously improving and building long-term relationships. We know that you need a partner who delivers on their promises, maintains the highest quality standards, and respects your target dates. We are not only seeking to get you the best result for the translation, we will also let you know where you might improve your original text.

“Mike and his team are very professional in all they do and extremely easy to work with.” – Tomi, Dized

“From now on, we will always work with you when it comes to rulebooks. You guys nailed it!” – Stefan, Godot Games

By choosing our services, you are not only investing in quality and reliability, but also in a fun partner to work with!

Partnering with Ludiversal means Expanding your Gaming Universe

When you work with us, you can expect the following:

  1. Smooth projects, following the two-(wo)man rule:
    • Professional translation by a certified board game translator
    • Professional proofreading and editing by another certified translator or reviewer
  2. Final PDF check of all your printables
  3. A project manager, who is also your personal troubleshooter
  4. Discounts for larger projects and multi-language projects
  5. Network of German publishers and distributors who might want to produce and sell your game in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

All you need to do: Send us your rulebook and/or game components (PDF), and we will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Ready to expand your gaming universe?


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